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Cruising the Croatian Coast, now known as
«The Mediterranean As It Once Was«, is the most rewarding experience.

The total length of the Croatian coast is 5.835 kilometers.
It comprises 1,185 islands and islets and is a true sailing paradise of an extraordinary natural, historical and ecological value.
And how to embrace during your cruise all those little enchanting moments that will give you the true essence of this still undiscovered and unspoiled part of the Mediterranean?
While chartering our  Gulets / Motor Sailers  experience the most fantastic sightseeing areas of these numerous islands.
        You will be enchanted by beautiful sunsets, the scent of Mediterranean wild herbs, shrubs and trees, along with the delightful aromas of delicious fresh sea food prepared and offered in traditional «konobas».
Your hearty dining and fine wines will be accompanied by traditional «a capello» Dalmatian singing and the widely known hospitality of local people.
We have carefully prepared a vast selection of Motor Sailers  to satisfy your refined taste for luxury, adventure, educational experiences and romance.
On these ships, we provide an inviting home-away-from-home atmosphere along with delectable Mediterranean cuisine – a wonderful opportunity to comfortably enjoy the real "Mediterranean As It Once Was".
Free style cruising aboard our Gulets / Motor Sailers  is the perfect choice for those who want to reach all the hidden, magical spots along the Croatian Coast ; fishing villages, little ports and ancient towns, which is not possible to experience aboard large vessels.

Welcome aboard TERRA MAGICA TRAVEL fleet !