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Ship info

Ship statistics

Sail area:30,000 sq.feet
Number of sails:24
Main mast height:174 feet
Passeng. Cap.:94
Crew members:58
Speed:14 knots
Length:384 Feet
Beam:52 Feet
Draught:18 Feet

experience the world aboard

Sea Cloud II


Sea Cloud II like no other ship, combines the timeless elegance of windjammers of past with the highest safety standards and the luxurious comfort of modern cruise ships.
Sailing romantics will be fascinated while on board, where the 29,600 sq. feet of sails is set by hand.
Awaiting you on board the SEA CLOUD II is a charming and experienced service crew who will make your arrival as pleasant as possible.


What makes the SEA CLOUD II special is her unusual bounty and expanse for a sailing ship. You have almost limitless possibilities on the four decks to do exactly as your heart desires.

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