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Ship info

Ship statistics

Flag: Croatian
Nationality of Officers: European
Nationality of Crew: European
No. of Crew: 8
Official Language:English
Passenger Capacity: 27
Ship Speed: 11 knots
Length: 39 m
Beam: 7,60 m

experience the world aboard

La Perla


 The luxury motor yacht La Perla is an exceptional yacht in Croatia with 8 crew members that are guaranteed to provide you with 1st class service on board. We always try to comply with all of our guests’ wishes and strive to provide the best possible service, comfort and food and the most interesting routes, custom made for each of our guests.

Aboard the La Perla ship, your morning will always start with freshly home-baked bread. Should our guests desire so, we can prepare a wine list depending on our routes, so they can taste and drink premium quality wines whilst cruising on this deluxe ship through regions where the grapes from the each wine grow.

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